Frostbite Postal

During the summer and winter seasons DCAS (Devon & Cornwall Archery Society) organise a postal league. Results from a club shoot are collated by the club Records Officer and posted to DCAS and entered into various divisions and leagues depending on age groups and disciplines.

During the winter season Yelverton Bowmen currently put forward entries for the “Frostbite”. This consists of shooting 36 arrows at 30 metres on an 80cm face, outdoors on a Sunday morning. Only one shoot and result for each month can be entered into the postal league by an individual archer.

The top results for each month are organised to produce a team and these results are then put forward to DCAS, the teams can therefore change from month to month. The individual archer results, team results and the DCAS leagues and divisions are available on the respective club and DCAS websites.

See the latest scores on DCAS