From October 2018 our costs will be simplified to remove on the night fees and for most members drastically reduce the cost of shooting. The fees will be broken down into two parts.

Archery GB and Governing bodies fees

These fees cover your membership to Archery GB, Devon & Cornwall Archery Society and the Grand Western Archery Society and is currently set at £59 for Seniors, £18 for 18-24s, £17 for Juniors and £12 for disabled.

Members also wishing to join the NFAS are able to do so on an individual basis at extra cost. If you would like to know more please contact our membership secretary.

The above fees are not controlled by Yelverton Bowmen and are susceptible to change without notice.

Club membership and Shooting fees

This larger fee is for your membership to the club and shooting fees. This cost ensures the club is able to afford:

  • YMCA Club Membership
  • YMCA hall rental
  • Equipment storage charges
  • Rental of the field
  • Replacement target faces
  • Maintain/replace bosses
  • Maintain/replace lighting
  • Purchase new equipment for beginners courses
  • Replacement batteries for metal detectors
  • Pay for website hosting
  • Pay for Accountancy

This fee can be paid in one go or can be spread across 12 months starting October 1st. The current fees are as follows

Age Group Governing
Body Fees
Club Fees Total On the night
Juniors (under 18) £17 nill £17 £1
18-24 £18 £16.67 per month
or £200 one off
£218 nil
25 + £59 £16.67 per month
or £200 one off
£259 nil


Disabled Archers

We understand that for some disabled archers it can be difficult to shoot regularly enough for the new fee structure to be of value and they may end up paying much more than they currently do.  In order to help enable disabled archers to shoot we offer the following options

Option 1 – On the night fees

This option is reminiscent of our previous fee scheme and allows disabled archers to dip in and out as their health allows. There will be a standard £12 due October 1st for governing bodies and then each session will be charged at £3.  If you shoot more than 66 sessions you will have reached the £200 threshold and will not be expected to pay on the night fees any more.

Option 2 – Same as everyone else

A simple option that allows disabled archers to pay the same club fee as everyone else. The only difference being the governing body fees which are £12, making your total yearly cost £212.

Guest Shooters

Guest shooters must provide proof of Archery GB membership and pay a flat £4 per night that they shoot.