Our Junior Rep is running the FITA/World Archery Beginners Award Programme for all of our junior members that want to get involved. Below is an introduction to the programme. If you are a junior and want to get involved please speak to the Junior Rep.

FITA/WA Beginners Award Programme

The programme comprises seven awards: Red and Gold Feathers, plus White, Black, Blue, Red and Gold Arrows. The point at which a beginner will start depends on age:


  • The first award for under-10s is the Red Feather
  • The first award for over-10s is the White Arrow


If the Feather awards are skipped (as in the case of those over 10 years) then the learning material of the Feathers will be added to the first Arrow award. Beginners in this situation are asked to study up to and including the White Arrow.

Testing for the awards will take place approximately every two months. The dates will have a degree of flexibility, so if you can’t make a particular date or feel that you aren’t quite ready, your coach/rep will be willing to discuss alternatives. However, extensive alterations of the dates could interfere with the studying and testing process for other people in the programme, so if you feel that you have not reached the necessary level by the time of the test, you can ask for it to be delayed until you are better prepared.

If you are successful in obtaining your award and you and your coach/rep feel that you have the potential for the next level, then you will be advised to advance your study and a new test date will be provided. If you are unsuccessful by a small amount, then a retake can be discussed. If however, you missed the objectives by a larger margin (or if your retake is unsuccessful), then you will be advised to study the same level and retake the test at the next organised session. This gives you the opportunity to work on anything major without the stress of an mmediate retake. If you and your coach/rep agree that you have reached your current potential, then you can take your time studying for the next level and re-enter the testing phase when you feel capable.

The curriculum for the programme can be downloaded from the World Archery website. This includes all the information required for the programme, as well as the testing forms required for the individual awards. The forms are the only part of this document you are required to print off. The rest may be studied in the medium you prefer.

On the right hand side of the forms you will see a number such as or C&R 1. These are references to other World Archery materials, specifically the level one coaching manual and the World Archery constitution and rules. While not necessary to your study, they may still be of interest.