The Yelverton Bowmen committee is elected each year at the AGM. The current committee is listed below.

Chairman – Jim Lakemen –

The Chairman is the ‘manager’ of the club and the committee. They lead committee meetings and are responsible for coordination of committee tasks.

Vice Chairman – Gavin Lewarne –

The Vice-Chairman takes on the Chairman’s responsibilities when they are not available.

Secretary – Karen Ingram –

The Secretary is normally the point of contact for those outside the club. They are the record keeper for committee meetings.

Treasurer – Andrew White –

Responsible for administering the club’s finances.

Membership Secretary – Karen Ingram –

Responsible for processing new member applications and the renewal of existing memberships. Typically works closely with the Treasurer.

Records officer – Jonathan Ingram –

Collects scored rounds and issues classifications, records, etc as required. They also manage the club’s contribution to postal leagues.

Equipment officer – Shaun Rostock –

Responsible for the acquisition and maintenance of club equipment. There may be multiple equipment officers, specialising in different areas e.g. target, field, clothing, etc

Training coordinator – Iain Lees –

Responsible for the organisation and running of beginners courses. They are a point of contact for members of the public wishing to join the club.

Safeguarding and Welfare Officer – Iain Lees –

In the unlikely event of a member’s welfare being threatened the SWO would be the point of contact for those concerned.

Webmaster – Simon Bench –

Responsible for the creation and maintenance of the club’s online presence, currently a website and Facebook page.

Archivist – Martin Ingram –

Collator and keeper of historical records relating to the club and its members.

Public relations officer – Gavin Lewarne –

Generally responsible for outgoing correspondence, including contact with local newspapers and television to inform them of activities, such as hosting tournaments. They also contact archery publications with stories of interest.
They may also be the point of contact at public events such as county shows and have-a-goes.

Junior Rep – Bruce Cox –

The voice of the junior members to the committee. They also run junior specific classifications and postal leagues that aren’t run by the records officer.

Tournament Officer – Position open –
Responsible for organisation and running of tournaments hosted by the club, as well as those hosted on behalf of other bodies.

Social Secretary – Iain Lees –
Responsible for organising social events for the club, such as Christmas meals, fun shoots, day trips, etc

NFAS Sub Committee

The Yelverton Bowmen NFAS sub committee is comprised of NFAS members and deals with all NFAS related business within the club.

Chairman – Allen Blight –

Vice Chairman – Mark Wills –

Secretary – Robert (Pasty) Cain –