Records Officer Monthly Report – May 2023

1 June 2023

Welcome to the second report of the 2023 outdoor shooting season! Overall it has been a busy month with archers taking an active part in a number of competitions, as well as working their way through the 252 award and AGB progress schemes.

Success in both the Brixham Open Rose and DCAS Summer Postal shows that since restarting after ‘lockdown’ the club is performing well when compared to other DCAS clubs.

Club Records

Four new club records were set, one existing club record equaled, and four existing records beaten in May.

Certificates were awarded to the following archers:

  • Jack Cunningham – U14 Men’s Recurve record for:
    • Short Junior Warwick (now Warwick 30) – Score 343 (previous record 326)
  • Jill Hudson – Senior Women Longbow Record for:
    • Warwick – Score 144 (no previous record)
  • Jenni Mattock – Senior Women’s Barebow record for:
    • Warwick 30 (was Short Junior Warwick) – Score 349  (no previous score)
  • Corey Richardson – Senior Men’s Compound record for:
    • Windsor 50 (was Short Windsor) – Score 871  (no previous score)
  • Neill White – Senior Men’s Longbow record for:
    • Long Warwick – Score 181 (previous record 58)
    • Long Windsor (Albion) – Score 451 (previous record 286)
    • Hereford / Bristol I – Score 561, which equals the current club record and so is jointly held.
  • Steve Marsh – Senior Men’s Barebow record for:
    • Warwick 50 (was Short Warwick) – Score 346 (previous record 340)
    • Bristol V – Score 1178 (no previous record)
  • John Pengilley – Senior men’s Recurve record for:
    • Bristol III – Score 1036 (previous record 904)


 The following Classification Badges were awarded under the new Archery GB Classification Scheme:

  • Nick Tripp – Archer 2nd Class
  • Corey Richardson – Archer 2nd Class
  • Paul Horsley – Archer 1st Class
  • John Pengilley – Archer 1st Class

More information on classification can be found here, or speak to me on a shooting night. You can start to shoot classification rounds once you have achieved your 20 yard 252 or AGB Progress award and then start working towards your first Archer Classification.

252 Scheme and Progress Awards

Badges were awarded to the following archers:

  • John Pengilley:
    • 50yd – Progress
  • Steve Marsh:
    • 40yd – Progress
    • 80yd – 252
  • Corey Richardson:
    • 50yd – 252 & Progress
    • 60yd – 252
  • Neill White:
    • 60yd – 252 & Progress
  • Terry Harris:
    • 40yd – Progress
  • Linda Wright:
    • 60yd – Progress
  • Paul Horsley:
    • 50yd – 252 & Progress
  • Paul Warren:
    • 50yd – Progress
  • Graeme Bullock:
    • 30yd – Progress
  • Stacey Warren:
    • 20yd – 252 & Progress
    • 30yd – 252 & Progress
  • Josie:
    • 20yd – 252 & Progress
    • 30yd – 252 & Progress
  • Jack:
    • 20yd – 252 & Progress
  • Seraya:
    • 10yd – 252

More information on the two progress schemes can be found here, or speak to me at one of our club sessions.


DCAS Summer Postal League

The club had a really great start to the DCAS Summer Postal competition with 5 out of our 8 teams winning, which shows that as a club we are at least on a par with most of the rest of the Devon and Cornwall clubs, and currently better than some. However, as this was the first round I am sure that we will start to see the scores improving as the season progresses.

The following scores were entered for May:

Unfortunately the Longbow team were beaten by Exeter, who shot the highest score in Division 2 (553) and the third highest across both divisions.

We only shot enough rounds to enter two scores in our 4th Short Warwick team and they were beaten by Brixham ‘C’.

We also only had 3 juniors shooting in May, so we entered no score for the second junior team. However, the Junior A team are leading their Division so well done to Jack, Josie & Oliver.

Individually Jack is currently the highest scoring U16 Recurve Boy archer, so well done Jack.

After the first month the team standings are as follows:

  • Long Warwick Compound Team – 3rd place in Division 1
  • Warwick Longbow team – 4th place in Division 2
  • Short Warwick Team A – 3rd place in Division 1
  • Short Warwick Team B – 2nd place in Division 2
  • Short Warwick Team C – 2nd place in Division 3
  • Short Warwick Team D – 4th place in Division 4
  • Short Junior Warwick Team A – 1st place in Division 2
  • Short Junior Warwick Team B – 5th place in Division 2; we currently do no have enough juniors to shoot this round, but we could in the coming months

We need to build on this success so can I please remind you all that this is a monthly competition so we all need to be shooting our Warwick rounds for entry into the June round. This is open to all club members who are currently capable of shooting the relevant distances.

Details of the competition can be found here.

DCAS Summer Postal League Scores – May 2023

DCAS Summer Postal League Tables – May 2023

Brixham Open Rose

Five Yelverton Bowmen archers took to the field in the Brixham Open Rose Competition on Sunday 28th May. The constantly changing wind and hot conditions made it challenging for all competitors who took part in the well organised event. The event was attended by clubs all over Devon and Cornwall, and included a full range of experience levels from Archery GB team members to one person who had been shooting for 12 weeks. Despite the changeable wind conditions all of our archers performed very well.

Corey, Linda and Neill all won competition medals. Linda and Neill won Rose Awards, and Neill shot a new Longbow 50+ National Record with his Hereford/Bristol I score of 561.

A full report of the day can be found in the club news section.

All the Yelverton Bowmen archers who took part have been encouraged by their participation and are looking forward to entering more external competitions. Details of forthcoming competitions can be found on the club events page.

Coronation Competition

So far only 5 score sheets have been submitted for the club Coronation Competition. Three have qualified for a Gold medal and two for silver.

The competition runs to the end of August and details can be found here, anyone with a 20 yard 252 or AGB Progress award can shoot a Windsor round and be in with the chance to win a Coronation medal. Shooting a successful Windsor round will also go a long way towards an Archer Classification.

If you have any questions please talk to me at one of our club sessions.

John Pengilley,

Records Officer, Yelverton Bowman