Time to go indoors!

5 September 2019

Some will say “yay!” others will have a tear in their eye. Either way, the outdoor season is almost over and it’s time to go indoors. For those members new to indoor shooting (and those who need a reminder), here’s a few things you should know.

Dates and Times

Indoor evenings will start on Tuesday 10th September and last until April 7th, with a break for Christmas. We have a later start time of 19:30 for evening sessions due to hall availability. We generally finish around 21:15 but this can vary a little depending on what people are doing.

Please be on time, or preferably early, and help to set up targets. Nobody should be taking a bow out of a case until the hall is setup and ready for shooting. We are limited by hall availability, so we want to get as much shooting done as possible.

As always, Sunday shooting is outdoors year-round, starting at 09:30. We have the field all day on Sundays, although most people tend to pack up around lunch. As long as you and a key holder are present however, you may shoot for longer.


Indoor shooting is across the road from the school, in the YMCA.  From the YMCA car park, walk down the side of the halls nearest to the road and go into the second entrance at the end of the ‘driveway’; This is the main reception. Turn left and then left again next to the changing rooms.

Scorecards, Classifications and 252s

If you’re only able to shoot at evening sessions, then the start of the indoor season marks the end of outdoor. In which case, please fill in and hand over your outdoor (blue) scorecards to the Records Officer, so that they can calculate your year-end handicap and classification. If you are going to continue shooting outdoors on Sundays, then the outdoor year is still ongoing and you have until the Christmas break to achieve any outdoor classifications. You can also continue to pursue your 252s year round.

As with outdoor shooting, there is an indoor classification scheme with a series of ‘ranks’ from ‘H’ to ‘A’.  Classifications must be renewed each year, so everybody who earned their indoor classification last year must do so again from next week. To obtain a classification you must submit 3 scores reaching the qualifying classification score. Details of which rounds you can shoot can be found on the Rounds & Classifications page.

Remember to switch to your yellow indoor scorecard, if you don’t have one ask Jonathan.

Postal Leagues and other stuff

Each year, Devon and Cornwall Archery Society run a Postal League. Archers shoot a Portsmouth round and the top three scores for each bow type form a team. These scores are sent to DCAS and clubs compete against each other from November to March. This is a great reason for club members to score, as everybody has the opportunity to contribute to the club’s success. Please let the Records Officer know well in advance if you are interested in entering scores, as he will have to officially enter teams in the near future.

In addition to the Postals, this year we will be trialling the Yelverton Bowmen Grand Prix. This is a handicap-based multi-round competition that will be run for club members. Please look out for an email in the next few days with full information on the Postals and Grand Prix.

As usual, the Social Secretary will be running fun shoots for Halloween, Christmas and Easter. These are always great fun and Iain’s costumes are something to behold. Speak to him for more details.

Indoor Competitions

Don’t assume that inexperience means you can’t enter competitions. Archery events are as much about the atmosphere as the shooting. It’s also an opportunity to look at all the different equipment that people have. Indoor competitions don’t go beyond 30m (most are 20yd or 18m), so this is the ideal season to try out competitions, as you don’t need long range accuracy to hit the target. Give a competition a go and see how what happens.

The club also hosts the Devon and Cornwall Archery Society Indoor Championship in February, so as well as members taking part, we’ll be after volunteers to help run the day. Be sure to check out the Devon and Cornwall Archery Society events calendar to see what’s going on in the two counties.

Regardless of the result, let the Records Officer know how you did and they’ll mention it in the monthly Records report on the website.