Records Officer Report – September

2 October 2019

Welcome to the September Report. Indoor season has begun, so naturally the number of outdoor classifications and 252 have reduced, as the indoor classifications become the priority.

Don’t forget that you can still pursue outdoor classifications and 252s on Sundays and the outdoor season officially ends in December, so I’ll need all scorecards filled in and given to me by then, so I can calculate end-of-year handicaps, etc.

Here’s what members achieved in September.

Indoor Classifications

  • Andy Axworthy earned his ‘D’.
  • Ricky Munt earned his ‘F’.
  • Sarah Watson regained her ‘E’.
  • Karen Ingram regained her ‘F’.

Tables with the required scores for classifications can be found here.

Outdoor Classifications

  • Darren Bennion regained his Master Bowman.
  • Oliver Pruden earned his 2nd Class.

Tables with the required scores for classifications can be found here.

Club Records

  • Andy Axworthy (Gentleman Senior Recurve): Junior Western – 788.
  • Karen Ingram (Ladies Senior + Master AFB): Portsmouth – 293
  • Karen Ingram (Ladies Senior + Master Barebow): St Nicholas – 357.
  • Ricky Munt (Gentleman Senior Barebow): Windsor – 554,
  • Oliver Pruden (Gentleman U12 Recurve): Short Metric 4 – 498.
  • Alister Smith (Gentleman Senior Longbow): Hereford – 561.
  • Sarah Watson (Ladies Senior Recurve): Junior Western – 579.

The most recent tables of club records can be found here.

Competition Results

  • Darren Bennion was part of the DCAS county team who attended the GWAS Intercounty championships in Exeter. For the fourth year in a row, the DCAS team came away as regional champions.
  • The final National rankings were released in September with Marcus Yeoman placing an impressive 23rd in the country. Take a look here for the full men’s Compound rankings and at the bottom of this page for links to the men’s Recurve and women’s Compound/Recurve.

Congratulations to all.

Take a look at the DCAS events calendar and see if there are any competitions you fancy trying. Indoor season is a great opportunity to try a competition, as the distances are obviously a lot shorter. If in doubt, speak to the hosting club’s tournament organiser.

If you attend (or are planning to attend) a competition, please let me know (and add the round to your score card!). Also, let me know if you earn any badges (Roses, Stars, etc) or if you manage to attain the lofty ranks of Master Bowman and Grand Master Bowman.

Thus ends the Records Report for September. Please let me know if there are any errors, omissions, etc and I hope that you continue to provide me with material to put into these reports. If you don’t want to be mentioned in reports, please let me know.