Records Officer Report – May

2 June 2019

Welcome to the May Report. Outdoor season has properly got underway with people attending competitions and pushing for 252s and classifications.

Addendum to the April report

At Grand Day, I was presented with certificates and badges for our winning teams from the Winter Postals. The top three contributing archers from the winning teams received a DCAS badge and the club received a certificate. Congratulations to James Baker, Simon Bench and Iain Lees (Portsmouth B Team), plus James Baker, Jonathan Ingram (yes I’m congratulating myself) and Alister Smith (Frostbite A Team).

Additionally, Alister Smith achieved the highest Longbow score in our Frostbite division with 229. Marcus Yeoman did the same for the Portsmouth Compound division with a score of 598. Both received a certificate and a badge.

Congratulations to all who took part in the postals.

New 252 page on club website

At the same time as this report goes out, there is now a new page on the website dedicated to explaining how the 252 Scheme works and the required scores. There is also a new version of the 252 scoresheet, the link to which is on the 252 page. There are likely to be some of the old format lying around but, once these are gone, could everybody please switch to the new one.

Outdoor Classifications

With the outdoor season into full swing, the gains and regains have started to come in:

  • John Batten earned his 3rd Class.
  • Simon Bench earned his 2nd Class.
  • Jonathan Ingram regained his 1st Class.
  • Iain Lees earned his 2nd Class.
  • Alister Smith earned his 2nd Class for Longbow, having previously earned it for Recurve.
  • Jenny Woodards earned her 3rd Class.
  • Linda Wright earned her 1st Class.

252 Scheme

Members continue to progress through the 252 scheme:

  • Andy Axworthy achieved 30 yards.
  • Stan Axworthy achieved 20 yards.
  • Karen Ingram achieved 40 yards.
  • Iain Lees achieved 60 yards.
  • Jamie Pruden achieved 40 yards.
  • Alister Smith achieved 60 yards for his Longbow, having previously achieved it for Recurve.
  • Sarah Watson achieved 20 yards.
  • John Williamson achieved 30 yards.

Club Records

These are the club records achieved during May. Congratulations to all.

  • John Batten (Gentleman Barebow Senior + Master): Short National – 454.
  • Jonathan Ingram (Gentleman Recurve Senior): WA70 – 548, WA70 (double) – 1072.
  • Karen Ingram (Lady Barebow Senior + Master): American – 324, Bristol 2 – 443.
  • Alister Smith (Gentleman Longbow Senior): American – 480, Two Way National – 268/64hits/4golds, Warwick – 268.
  • Jenny Woodards (Lady Recurve Senior): Junior Warwick – 350.
  • Linda Wright (Lady Barebow Senior + Master): National – 351.
  • Marcus Yeoman (Gentleman Compound Senior): WA50 – 692, WA50 (double) – 1375. – Due to a recent rule change, there is also the possibility that Marcus’ Double WA50 score will be a record at various higher levels. We will need to wait and see though.

Competition Results

Five of our members attended the DCAS Grand Day at the start of the month. The morning session was a two-way Longbow National, in which Alister Smith came 10th and Jim Start came 15th. The afternoon session was a conventional National for all bow types and our members placed as follows:

  • Jonathan Ingram came 7th in Gents Recurve and won the ‘best gold’ trophy for Recurve.
  • Alister came 9th in Gents Recurve.
  • Simon Bench came 14th in Gents Recurve.
  • Jim Start won the Gents Barebow.
  • Linda Wright came 4th in Ladies Barebow.

Jonathan Ingram and Marcus Yeoman attended the Redruth Double WA720 the week after Grand Day.  Jonathan came 8th in Gents Recurve, setting club records for the single and double WA70 and earning his White FITA Target badge. Marcus won the Gents Compound and set club records for the single and double WA50. These are possibly also higher level records.

Marcus attended Exmouth Archers’ York shoot mid-month and came 2nd, only missing out on the win by a gold count.

Marcus attended Brixham Archers’ ‘Open Rose’ York shoot at the end of the month and won.

Rob ‘Pasty’ Cain attended the NFAS 3D Championships in Newark at the end of the month and placed 29th in Gent’s Barebow on day one. Unfortunately he wasn’t able to shoot on day two.

Well done to all who competed during May and congratulations to those who came away with trophies and other awards.

Coming up next month Darren Bennion and Marcus Yeoman will be attending the UK Masters in Lillishall  (in fact, they will have done so by the time this report is out).  At the end of the month Alister, Bruce, Iain, Jonathan and Simon will be attending the Redruth Double American. Good luck to all members competing in June and keep an eye out in the next report for results.

If you attend (or are planning to attend) a competition, please let me know (and add the round to your score card!). Also, let me know if you earn any badges (Roses, Stars, etc) or if you manage to attain the lofty ranks of Master Bowman and Grand Master Bowman. Take a look at the DCAS events calendar and see if there are any competitions you fancy trying. If in doubt, speak to the tournament organiser.

And finally

Could I also take the opportunity to remind people to add any scored rounds to their scorecard and hand these in to me on a fairly regular basis. I think there may even be a couple of cards from the indoor season still to come to me (the indoor year officially ends on the 31st of June. Can I please have any indoor cards before then). Little and often is a lot easier for me to process (and quicker to hand out any badges), rather than everything at once.

Thus ends the Records Report for May. Please let me know if there are any errors, omissions, etc and I hope that you continue to provide me with material to put into these reports. If you don’t want to be mentioned in reports, please let me know.