Records officer report – March

24 April 2020

Welcome to the (very late) March Report.

This will be the last Records Report for a while (for obvious reasons). I had a few scores come in before the lockdown and I was able to fill most of the Postal teams. Fortunately, March was the last month of the Postals and very close to being the end of the Indoor Season, so we haven’t lost much in that regard… although no Outdoor shooting for the foreseeable future.

Keep an eye out for a League Report in a couple of weeks, where I will present the final results from the Postal League.

If you are unsure about anything, feel free speak to me via or the club Facebook page.

Here’s what members achieved in March

Indoor Classifications

  • Jinine Cox earned her ‘E’
  • Jonathan Ingram regained his ‘D’ for Compound
  • Iain Lees earned his ‘B’
  • Heather Poole earned her ‘E’

Club Records

  • James Baker (Gentleman Senior Longbow): Frostbite – 235
  • Darren Bennion (Gentleman Master Recurve): Bray 2 – 251
  • Bruce Cox (Gentleman Master Recurve): Bray 1 – 241, Bray Combined – 478
  • Jonathan Ingram (Gentleman Senior Recurve): Bray Combined – 526
  • Karen Ingram (Ladies Senior/Master Longbow): Bray 1 – 73, Bray 2 – 96, Bray Combined – 169
  • Jenny Kerchey (Ladies Senior Recurve): Bray Combined – 417
  • Alister Smith (Gentleman Senior Longbow): Bray 1 – 139, Bray 2 – 121, Bray Combined – 260
  • Jim Start (Gentleman Senior/Master Barebow): Bray 1 – 198, Bray 2 – 186, Bray Combined – 384
  • Linda Wright (Ladies Senior/Master Barebow): Bray 1 – 169, Bray 2 – 183, Bray Combined – 353, Portsmouth – 464

The most recent tables of club records can be found here.

Remember to keep training in whatever way you can to maintain your fitness and skill level. Please bear in mind though, that none of us are covered by the Archery GB insurance if we shoot at home (the club is insured at registered facilities). If you want to shoot at home, the responsibility is yours alone, so ensure that the area is safe.

Thus ends the Records Report for March. Please let me know if there are any errors, omissions, etc and I hope that you continue to provide me with material to put into these reports once the lockdown is lifted. If you don’t want to be mentioned in reports, please let me know.