Records Officer Report – July

11 August 2019

Welcome to the July Report. Apologies for the slightly later post but our Webmaster ran away to deepest, darkest Cornwall for a couple of weeks for a well earned holiday. July was a hot month for shooting, both literally and metaphorically, with some of our archers getting out to maximum distance and earning the awards to prove it. Here’s what they’ve managed in July.

Outdoor Classifications

  • Andy Axworthy earned his 3rd Class.
  • James Baker earned his 2nd Class.
  • Jonathan Ingram earned his Bowman.
  • Karen Ingram earned her 1st Class.
  • Iain Lees earned his 1st Class.
  • Alister Smith earned 1st Class for his Recurve (having earned it for Longbow in June).
  • Linda Wright earned her Bowman.

252 Scheme

Members have continued to progress through the 252 scheme, preparing themselves for the distances allowing better classifications.

  • Andy Axworthy earned his 50 yards.
  • Jonathan Ingram earned his 80 yards.
  • Cheyenne Jones earned her 20 yards.
  • Gavin Lewarne earned his 20 yards.
  • Ricky Munt earned his 40 yards.
  • Jim Start earned his 60 yards.
  • Linda Wright earned her 60 yards.

Club Records

These are the club records achieved during July, as well as those I managed to find from the Redruth Double American last month. Congratulations to all.

  • James Baker (Gentleman Recurve Senior): St Nicholas – 660
  • Bruce Cox (Gentleman Recurve Master): American – 572, Double American – 1020
  • Karen Ingram (Lady Barebow Senior and Master): Long National – 134
  • Alister Smith (Gentleman Longbow Senior): Double American – 891
  • Linda Wright (Lady Barebow Senior and Master): Albion – 521
  • Marcus Yeoman (Gentleman Compound Senior): WA50 – 695

Competition Results

I finally managed to get hold of the full results of the Redruth Double American held in June. In addition to what I posted a month ago, here’s how our guys did:

  • Alister Smith came 2nd in Gents Longbow and set a club record for the Double American
  • Jonathan Ingram came 4th in Gents Recurve and set a club record for the Double American.
  • Iain Lees came 6th in Gents Recurve and won a number of raffle prizes. As he likes to say “You can’t drink a medal”.
  • Simon Bench came 8th in Gents Recurve.
  • Bruce Cox came 10th in Gents Recurve and set club records for the Recurve Master Single and Double American.

Congratulations again to those who braved the weather that day.

Darren Bennion and Marcus Yeoman attended Stage Two and Three of the National Tour in mid July.

  • At Stage Two, Darren qualified 31st and Marcus 11th. They went on to compete in the head to heads, where Darren came joint 17th (having reached the 1/16 round) and Marcus came joint 9th (having reached the 1/8 round).
  • At Stage Three, Darren qualified 30th and Marcus 7th. In the following head to heads, Darren and Marcus repeated their Stage Two results.

Darren and Marcus attended the Cleve Metric Weekend at the end of the month.

  • On day one, there was a WA50 with head to head. Marcus set a club and county record for the WA50 and qualified first. In the head to heads, Marcus reached the 1/4 round and Darren the 1/16.
  • On day two, there was a WA1440 with Marcus coming 7th, with Darren in 8th just a single point behind.

Congratulations to all.

Take a look at the DCAS events calendar and see if there are any competitions you fancy trying. If in doubt, speak to the tournament organiser.

If you attend (or are planning to attend) a competition, please let me know (and add the round to your score card!). Also, let me know if you earn any badges (Roses, Stars, etc) or if you manage to attain the lofty ranks of Master Bowman and Grand Master Bowman.

Thus ends the Records Report for July. Please let me know if there are any errors, omissions, etc and I hope that you continue to provide me with material to put into these reports. If you don’t want to be mentioned in reports, please let me know.