Records Officer Report – August

1 September 2019

Welcome to the August Report. It was a quieter month, as things start to calm down after the earlier rush of the season. New beginners are just joining and the indoor season is about to begin, so expect a busier September. Here’s what they’ve managed in August

Outdoor Classifications

  • Andy Axworthy earned his 2nd Class.
  • Ricky Munt earned his 2nd Class.
  • Jenny Woodards earned her 2nd Class.

252 Scheme

Members continue to progress through the 252 scheme

  • Stan Axworthy earned his 30 yards.
  • Jim Lakeman earned his 50 yards.
  • Gavin Lewarne earned his 30 and 40 yards.
  • Ricky Munt earned his 50 yards.
  • Dan Norman earned his 20 yards.

Club Records

These are the club records achieved during August

  • Andy Axworthy (Gentleman Recurve Senior): St Nicholas – 666.
  • Linda Wright (Lady Barebow Senior and Master): Bristol 3 – 917, Hereford – 668, Long National – 270, Long Warwick – 225, Long Western – 374, Warwick – 267,
  • Marcus Yeoman (Gentleman Compound Senior): Individual Match Round (50m) – 147, WA50 – 697.

New for September the club Record Certificate has been updated to reflect our brand.  Who will have the honour of getting their hands on the first one!?

Competition Results

Mid month, Marcus Yeoman attended the Exmouth Archers WA50 and head to head. He qualified first in the morning, setting a club and county record in the process. He then went on to win the head to heads, setting another club record.


Congratulations to all.

Take a look at the DCAS events calendar and see if there are any competitions you fancy trying. If in doubt, speak to the tournament organiser.

If you attend (or are planning to attend) a competition, please let me know (and add the round to your score card!).  Also, let me know if you earn any badges (Roses, Stars, etc) or if you manage to attain the lofty ranks of Master Bowman and Grand Master Bowman.

Thus ends the Records Report for August. Please let me know if there are any errors, omissions, etc and I hope that you continue to provide me with material to put into these reports. If you don’t want to be mentioned in reports, please let me know.