Records Officer Monthly Report – April 2023

1 May 2023

Welcome to the first Records Officer Monthly report for the 2023 outdoor season. There is a lot of news to include in this report so it is substantially longer than I intend it to be for future months.

Firstly for those new to the club, or archery in general, the outdoor season runs from 1st January to 31st December every year. Which means that Classification and progress/252 rounds can be shot at any club outdoor session.

Outdoor Classifications

Archery GB have this season revised the outdoor classification and handicap schemes, and linked them to a revised set of age categories. Details of these changes. More information on classifications and handicaps can be found here.

A copy of each of the classification tables can be found in the Records Officer folder in the storage cabin at Widewell.

In order for the Records Officer to assess your classification level and handicap you will need to complete your Yelverton Bowmen Record Card and return it to me at the end of each month.

These cards should only be used for Classification rounds shot at either club shooting/target days or other Archery GB affiliated competitions (including DCAS). They should not be used for recording 252 or Archery GB Progress scores.

If you do not have your record card yet and are intending to shoot classification rounds please come and see me at a club shooting session.

Archery GB Progress Awards

Archery GB have also introduced a new progress scheme. This has not superseded the 252 scheme; the club has decided to run both schemes in parallel. Both schemes are designed to focus new and improving archers on progressing though their archery journey to the point of being able to commence classification rounds as soon as possible, and then rising up through the Archer and Bowman ranks.

More details of this scheme can be found here and score sheets and be obtained from here or can be collected from the records officer folder in the storage cabin at Widewell School. Completed score sheets should be signed by the archer and a witness, and handed to the Records Officer for assessment before a badge can be awarded.

252 Scheme

The 252 Scheme is still running and score sheets are available to print from here or can be collected from the records officer folder in the storage cabin at Widewell. Completed score sheets should be signed by the archer and a witness, and handed to the Records Officer for assessment before a badge can be awarded.


DCAS Postal Competition

The club have re-joined the DCAS Summer Postal competition and have 8 teams included in the event which runs from May to August. More information can be found on the DCAS Postal Competition page on the club website.

Any club member can take part in the competition providing they are able to shoot the relevant distance, i.e. have a 40 yard 252 to allow a Warwick 50 (previously Short Warwick) to be shot.

Scores must be recorded on a club Warwick score sheet, signed by the archer and a witness, as well as the field captain, and returned to me by the end of the month. We will need at lease 3 Long Warwick Compound individual scores, 3 Warwick Longbow individual score, 12 short Warwick combined (but not compound) individual scores and 6 Junior short Warwick combined (max 2 compound) individual scores each month. So please get your May scores in as soon as possible.

Note – DCAS have confirmed that scores submitted for the Summer Postal do not automatically count towards a Bowmen, however as they are intended to be shot on a club Target Day I see no reason why the club cannot count them.

Yelverton Bowmen King Charles III Coronation Competition

The club has also introduced a outdoor season long Coronation Competition offering every club member the opportunity to win either a bronze, silver or gold medal. Medals will be awarded at the end of the season.


Details of the competition can be found on the Coronation Competition page on the club website.

As the club has declared that all outdoor sessions up to the end of the Coronation Competition are effectively classed as Target days in accordance with Rule 313, all scores shot in accordance with AGB rules and filed on a completed club score sheet can be counted towards Bowman classification.

April Results

Club Records

Certificates were awarded for the following club records:

  • John Pengilley – Senior Men’s Recurve record for:
    • Junior Warwick (now Warwick 40) – Score 370 (no previous record)
  • Jenny Kerchey – Senior Women’s Recurve:
    • Short Windsor – Score 748
  • Steve Marsh – Senior Men’s Barebow:
    • Windsor – Score 802
    • Short Warwick – Score 340
    • Warwick – Score 314
    • Long National – Score 336
  • Neill White – Senior Men’s Longbow:
    • Long National – Score 230
    • Portsmouth (Single Face) – Score 490
    • Short National – Score 431
    • Short Warwick – Score 305
    • National – Score 305
    • Short Windsor – Score 618
    • WA18 (Single Face) – Score 374
  • Corey Richardson – Senior Men’s Compound:
    • Portsmouth (single face) – Score 547
    • Junior Warwick (now Warwick 40) – Score 414
  • J Nuttall – U14 Women’s Barebow:
    • Short Junior Warwick (now Warwick 30) – Score 252
  • J Cunningham – U14 Men’s Recurve record for:
    • Short Junior Warwick (now Warwick 30) – Score 326 (previous record 294)


Badges were awarded for the following classifications:

  • Indoor:
    • Corey Richardson – D
    • Steve Marsh – E
    • Tim Tatum – F
  • Outdoor:
    • Jamie Pruden achieved a Archer 1st Class with 2 National scores of 454 & 448.

252 Scheme and Progress Awards

Badges were awarded to the following archers:

  • Corey Richardson:
    • 30yd – 252 & Progress
    • 40yd – 252 & Progress
  • Steve Marsh:
    • 20yd – Progress
    • 30yd – Progress


St George’s Day Competition

On 23rd April 11 archers took the field to compete in the Yelverton Bowmen St Georges day competition. On a good day for shooting some impressive scores were shot, including 4 club records. The majority of archers shot either Archer or Bowman qualifying scores. The results card is shown below and due to the variety of ages, bow styles and rounds shot the club have awarded the following medals:

·        Best Overall Score & Handicap – Corey Richardson – Score 414, Handicap 43

·        Best Classification Ranking score – Linda Wright – Bowman 2nd Class

·        Best Junior Score – J Cunningham – Score 326

An additional prize was awarded on the day of the competition to Steve Millard for the best outfit.

Archer dressed in St. Georges Day related attire taking aim


Grand Day Out

Only one Yelverton Bowman competed in this years DCAS Grand Day Out. Jamie Pruden shot a National round in testing, wet conditions and posted a score of 502. This saw Jamie placed 9th overall in the Senior Men’s Recurve category and gives him 6 dozen arrows towards his Bowman 3rd Class.

Congratulations to Jamie.

And congratulations to all of those who set records or received awards this month.

John Pengilley,

Records Officer, Yelverton Bowman