Outdoor 2019 is here!

19 April 2019

The outdoor season is just about to begin but before we get there have you handed in your Indoor score card yet?

Hopefully, everybody will have given their completed scorecards to the Records Officer before the AGM. If you haven’t been able to, don’t panic. Indoor shooting ends in April but the indoor year technically runs until June 31st. Please ensure that all scorecards are with the Records Officer (Jon) by then, so that they can make sure records, classifications, handicaps, etc are up to date and any awards are given.

With that out of the way it’s onto the outdoor season. For those members new to outdoor shooting (and those who need a reminder), here’s a few things you should know.

Dates and times

Outdoor evenings will start on Tuesday the 23rd of April and last until September (date to be confirmed). Sessions will commence at 18:30 and continue until light fails (we start earlier outdoors because of light restrictions). As always, Sunday shooting is outdoors year-round, starting at ~09:30. We have the field all day on Sundays, although most people tend to pack up around lunch. As long as you and a key holder are present however, you may shoot for longer. Please be on time (or early) if possible for evening sessions, as we are limited by light, so we want to get as much shooting done as possible.


We shoot across the road from the YMCA, on the school field. From the YMCA car park entrance, head up the road. On the left, just before the roundabout is the upper entrance into the school. From the car park, continue on foot beyond the basketball court (on the left) and the caretaker’s house (on the right). On the right is a double gate and a path leading down to the field (please close the gate behind you).

Be careful as you approach the shed, as there may be people shooting in the woods (they’ll be obvious). To reach the shooting line, you can either walk down to the shed and across the field, or continue along the path, taking you behind the shooting line. If entering the field from the shed, stick to the right of the flags if people are shooting (or wait until the whistle goes to indicate it’s safe to cross).

Badges and Classifications

Just like when shooting indoors the outdoor season also gives you the opportunity to earn classifications and handicaps.  We also take part in the widely popular 252 scheme, which is designed to help archers improve as they move up the distances.  Also for new members you must obtain a badge for a distance before you can progress to the next.  For example you must fist obtain your 20 yard badge before shooting at 30 yards.  More information will be added to the site in a future update or you can look back at this post from when we first took on the scheme.

Outdoor Competitions

Don’t assume that inexperience means you can’t enter competitions. Archery events are as much about the atmosphere as the shooting (the author has made several friends through competitions). It’s also an opportunity to look at all the different equipment that people have.

They often include the longest available distances but shorter rounds are normally on offer so, if in doubt, contact the tournament organiser.
Give a competition a go and see how what happens.

Be sure to check out the Devon and Cornwall Archery Society events calendar to see what’s going on in the two counties.
Regardless of the result, let me (Jonathan) know how you did and I’ll mention it in my monthly Records updates (first due at the end of April).