League Update – November

15 December 2019

Welcome to the inaugural League Report. This focuses on the club’s progress in the County Postal Leagues as well as in-house competitions, such as the Tavistock Trophy and Grand Prix.

I hope to publish this report around the same time each month, although it will depend on when I receive the results from DCAS. Keep an eye out on the website and Facebook page for updates.

The majority of the material below focuses on results from November. However, because of the timing of the Grand Prix, I have also included the December progress from that.

DCAS Indoor Postals (Portsmouth) – November

Due to the increased number of participating archers, I entered an additional Recurve and Longbow team this year, resulting in three Recurve, one Compound and one Longbow team for the club.

For those unfamiliar with the format; Archers shoot a Portsmouth round under competition conditions and the top three scores for each bow type form a team (and the following archers form the ‘B team’, ‘C team’, etc if a club enters multiple teams). These scores are sent to DCAS and clubs compete against each other from November to March.

In this first month, we won three of our matches and lost two. Below are the results tables from DCAS and a table that I keep myself for progress within the club. Take a look and see how you/we did.

Please continue to provide scores, even if you don’t feel that you will make the teams.

DCAS Outdoor Postals (Frostbite) – November

The Frostbite teams are selected in the same way as the Portsmouth, with the top three scores forming each team. There is a restriction, however that a maximum of one compound archer may be in each team.

New to this year, DCAS is trialing a Longbow-only team. As a result, I entered a Longbow team, in addition to the existing two mixed teams.

As with the Indoor Postal, archers shoot a Frostbite round and the top three scores form a team. Unlike the Portsmouth, teams are not bow specific (with the exception of the new Longbow team). Archers from any bow style can contribute to the teams, although there is a maximum of one Compound allowed per team.

In November we won one match and unfortunately lost the other two. Below are the results tables from DCAS as well as the table that I keep myself. Take a look and see how you/we did.

Please continue to provide scores, even if you don’t feel that you will make the teams.

Yelverton Bowmen Grand Prix – November and December

The Grand Prix is new this year and has been well received. Each month, a different round is shot, with the scores being adjusted by the members’ handicaps. In the table below, the first column for each month is the actual score entered. The second column is the adjusted score. In theory, if a person shoots a score in keeping with their handicap, they will receive an adjusted score of 1440.

The nature of the competition means that nothing is set in stone. Somebody currently near the bottom of the rankings could leap towards the top if they score sufficiently better than their handicap in a future round.

Yelverton Bowmen Tavistock Trophy – November

The Tavistock Trophy is an internal competition run using the scores entered in the Indoor Postal. The highest cumulative score for each category over the five months wins. In the event of a category only having a single participant, they will be included in the most appropriate alternative (normally forming a unisex bow category).

At present the categories are Gents Barebow, Ladies Barebow, Compound (unisex), Longbow (unisex), Gents Recurve and Ladies Recurve. The current standings can be seen on the table below.

Great work everyone, keep it up and check back again in January for the next update.