Coronation Competition

To celebrate the Coronation of King Charles III Yelverton Bowmen will be hosting an internal completion to give all members the opportunity to win a Bronze, Silver or Gold medal.

The competition will run between Friday 5th May and Friday 25th August 2023, to give all club members the opportunity to take part.

Follow the links to read the full guidance, or print the required score sheet.

Medals awarded for qualifying round in accordance with the Archery GB Classification Tables.

  • Bronze Medal awarded to those achieving a 3rd Class Archer score,
  • Silver Medal awarded to those achieving a 2nd Class Archer score,
  • Gold Medal awarded to those achieving a 1st Class Archer score and above (including all Bowmen scores

Archers should shoot rounds in line with their 252 qualifications i.e. a 252 achieved at 40yds allows you to shoot Windsor 50 as this will be your next distance.