Committee changes and 252

16 July 2017

Committee changes

By now you may have heard that Richard has stepped down from the position of Chairman and Susie has stepped down from the position of Treasurer.  On behalf of the club I would like to thank them for the time they have volunteered to help with the successful running of the club.

After the EGM last Friday you’ll also see there are a few other changes on the Committee including the new role of “Development Officer” (more details to come).  You can see the new up to date committee list here.

The 252 Scheme

We’ve seen a great uptake on the 252 scheme since it started this year.  In fact you’ve probably seen people with their fancy badges already! The 252 scheme is a great way for any archer to evaluate their current ability, get sight marks for different distances and generally improve their archery.  The scheme has also had another affect, less time is now spent searching for arrows! By ensuring that you shoot at a distance that is appropriate to your skill level we have been able to fit in far more shooting and far fewer Seagull style field searches.

Owing to how well the scheme is going it has been decided that the 252 scheme will now become mandatory for all new club members who have not yet shot outdoors. Basically if you want to shoot a certain distance you must first achieve the 252 badge for the distance before that.  For example, if you want to shoot at 40 yards, you will need to have completed your 252 scores for 30 yards.