2019 AGM review

5 May 2019

Thank you to everybody who attended the AGM on Tuesday and thank you to all the committee members for giving your time and effort to running the club. The newly elected committee remains mostly the same with only a few changes. You can see our full committee here.

The club account is currently healthy and we’re looking to spend some money on new foam bosses in the near future. We’ve also obtained a trio of bag targets for use at events such as the Cornwood Show in August.

Many records and awards were handed out following the audit of the records system and the recent winter postal leagues. There are still a few to hand out though, due to some people not being able to make the AGM. For up to date records, see the Club Records page. Also keep an eye out at the start of May for the first Records Report.

Simon has been working behind the scenes on the website (including supporting the updated records). With the records now updated and more easily done so in future, we hope that people will visit them and look to set/break some records this year. As always, the rounds and classifications are available from this page.

In addition to the Cornwood Show on August 8th, we will be attending another show at Hatt on June 15th. We will run a have-a-go stall at both, which can provide the club with extra money, as well as hopefully encouraging members of the public to give our sport a try and do a beginners course with us. We will be looking for volunteers to help run the stalls on both days, so please consider helping the club. If you can help, speak to the Public Relations Officer (Jim) for more details.